It’s December already! And, poof! 335 days are gone, and the 336th is dripping by as you read this.

There’s no doubt that 2020 will go down as a phenomenal year in history, and I’m already envisioning myself telling my grand-kids, of how 2020 was the year that:

  1. The world became smaller.
  2. Two-sport legends – Bryant and Maradonna – took their big sleep.
  3. The cry for justice and equity was louder than ever.
  4. Birthed the most-watched election.
  5. A vaccine for a rare virus was created in less than a year.

Oh, lest I forget, the year their grandpa completed his #MBA.

Though a lot can happen in the remaining 30 days of 2020, I am doubly confident that the things that can happen onwards, will be more cheerful than all the events in the past 335 days.

For me, I will use the next 30 days to reflect on the 20+ articles I published on LinkedIn and medium this year, with the hope to find unfinished thoughts that may need improving in 2021, or perhaps find nuggets worth sharing in my story.

While I understand it might be early for you to begin to reflect on the year when you do reflect don’t forget to share your valuable lessons. As Og Mandino said:
“Share what you have learned… Only then will you realize what success and a better way to live truly means”

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