Best Selling Books(BSB): a picture is worth 1,000 words, do you understand?

You (wide-eyed, nodding your head): Wow, interesting, makes sense.

Me: So tell me (BSB) What do 1,000 words mean without context or meaning?

You: what do you know? Do you have a bestselling book?

Me: Not yet…

You (interjects): then what do you mean?

Me: I have found from experience, that…

You (interjects): Fisayo, we know you’ve experienced, but these are experts’ advice, so just listen…

Me: See, I know and appreciate all BSB authors’ advice, but I’ve learned it’s only a half-truth…

You (rolling your eyes): so let us guess you have the other half-truth?

Me: I am not claiming anything. But will it hurt to let me finish a sentence?

You: Okay, finish.

Me: Thanks, I will use 863 words to explain the 3 pictures in the above 1080px image – IG image size dimension.

During the heatwave a week or two ago, to enable me to be productive, I decided to work close to a lake near my residence. And, during one of those days, sitting at the edge of the lake, a stranger rowed towards me on his surf-board. We exchanged pleasantries. Fast forward to say 5-10 minutes of meeting him, he was giving me a crash course of balancing on the surfboard.

Sure enough, I was able to balance and row at my first attempt. While thinking to myself, “Oh this is not as hard as I thought” I lost balance and fell in the lake. Without thinking it through, I yelled “I can’t swim!” Lucky me, I fell where my toes could only scrape the bottom of the lake. So, I flapped my legs to keep afloat, as that was the only part that stuck with me in my childhood swimming lessons, I only attended once.

The kind stranger came over, told me to calm down, showed me how to get back on the surfboard whenever I fall, and showed me the best way to stand on the surfboard to reduce the risk of falling again. And, he assured me not to worry, if I fall off again, he will swim to get me.

And, again I was able to get on and rowed. I found it difficult to master how to control the direction of the surfboard. So, rowed behind some shrubs, in the lake, which blocked me from his line of sight. And then I fell, maybe due to the realization of the danger of the risk posed of not being in his line of sight.

This time I screamed “HELP! HELP!! HELP!!!” Blessed me! Three Dutch ladies were swimming nearby where I fell – from my observation, it was a grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter. And, they screamed back “DO YOU NEED HELP?” While, I like to be the one who saves ‘the damsel in distress,’ this time, I was saved by two damsels, the grandmother, and her daughter – I think. They helped get me back on, but, in less than 2 minutes, I fell again.

Now, aware of my swimming conscious incompetence, I decided okay, it is not fair on the damsels, to continuously pause their fun, to save me. So I requested they helped me get out of the lake, which their magnanimous hearts obliged me.

I returned, the surfboard to the kind stranger. And, thanked him for his kindness of heart, to teach me, and give me my first surfboard experience. This was when we exchanged names, asked him what he does, he then told me about CocoPallet, which are pallets that are made from the husk of coconuts, and how they support the #SDGs.

I noticed he was open-minded, for me to pick his brain. So I asked for his opinion, on my decision to combine my MBA Finance skills, with my new found passion for the SDGs – where if you call it an obsession, you will be right. As I am aware of the plethora of lucrative opportunities, I could use my newly acquired skills to explore. Though my decision is firmly rooted in both my conscious and subconscious. Yet I am not immune to the bouts of doubts that come with making life decisions. And, he assured me that my heart was in the right place.

We connected on LinkedIn, and said our goodbyes, while he emphasized that I should ask a friend to teach me to swim, that it is a prerequisite skill to have when staying in the Netherlands.

I thought, his advice that I learn how to swim, was a nicety on his part. But, within the week, he checked up on me with a message, asking me “how my swimming lessons were going? “ Now, it dawned on me that I needed to find that friend I could ask to teach me to swim. As I reckoned it will be rude of me, to reward his kindness with inaction.

I needed a friend whose discipline and zest for life, will scale my motivation to learn how to swim. And, Tara came to mind, my friend, who invited me to my first Toastmasters session, early last year. And happens to be a former pro-athlete and Co-founder of Global Players, which is a firm devoted to enriching pro-athlete aspiring students, to have a global perspective and experience that is required to become a pro-athlete.

So I made my tall-order request, which she obliged me. And, this weekend she gave me my first swimming lesson, in my adulthood. During the swimming lessons, like a great coach that she is, she dropped a wisdom nugget, I find worthy to share with you.

While telling how she’s impressed about my willingness to learn, I asked why? She said the major reason why it’s hard to learn to swim as an adult is the fear of water, and that action towards what we fear dissipates the effects of fear. Sharing examples like if you are scared of public speaking, join Toastmasters, and that though I’m masking my fear, yet I am getting comfortable in the water.


To the Three Graces that saved me from drowning, forgive me for not getting your names. And if you ever come across this, know that you forever have my gratitude, thank you, and needless to say, you were Heaven placed.


Tara, a cosmic thank you to you, for agreeing to transform my conscious incompetence of swimming to a conscious competence of swimming, While, I will use your wisdom nugget to not only overcome my fear of water, but also my fear of being misunderstood, and any other fear the necessity & God will reveal to my awareness.


Me: So to all BSB readers and my dear readers, I know your will find several lessons in the 863 words above, but, for today’s #WednesdayWisdom, remember “Action towards what you fear dissipates the effects of fear.”
Me: now the CTA (call to action), what new skill or decision, are you procrastinating? If you have conquered the fear to share, kindly leave a comment below, and if you are yet to conquer the fear to share, remember Tara’s wisdom nugget.

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