I like to think that most of my cherished acquaintances and friends owe our relationships to my inability to reply with the bland and mundane ‘fine’ or ‘okay’ to the global conversation starter of ‘How are you?’ Because my response is either ‘awesome’, ‘superb’, ‘great’, ‘super good’, ‘golden’, or ‘excellent’.

In return, I often get a smile with ‘I like that.’ And, I notice that some people are eager to ask me ‘How I am?’ just to hear me use any of the above adjectives. While I also experience ridicule and jest from others who believe my response is too positive.

Usually, when someone tries to ridicule or jest at my positive inclination, I usually teether and parrot the jester’s phrase, or just ask: ‘Really?’ But, sometimes, my witty side overpowers my peace-loving side, and mirrors the jester’s jest back to the jester.

An example of what I mean is, 7 weeks ago, I noticed two of my acquaintances have been studying for three days in a row, in a lobby necessity forces me to frequent – I won’t name the building so that I am GDPR compliant.

So, I passed by the third day, I said: “Good luck in whatever you’re studying for.” One said: “Thank you!” And the other replied: “Here we go again with your positivity. By the way, I don’t like to be positive when I am studying.” I was puzzled!

So I asked: “So will you prefer I say ‘bad luck in whatever you’re studying for?” I guess my question brought to the fore the futility of questioning my goodwill gesture, which was evident in the face of the person who asked the question. But, since I know better than to press on someone’s bruise, I quickly ended the encounter, by saying: “See you later, and the best of luck in your studying all the same!”

 Go with your sunshine

The #MondayMotivation is that while winter is upon us, and the clouds now hide the sun from us, whatever you do and wherever you go, do and go with your sunshine, I guarantee you that the excitement this will bring out in others will surprise you.

The dinning image of this post is proof of my guarantee.

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