“Fisayo, remember to rest, chill and Shake Every Tree” – My Mentor

Curtain Opening

Ladies and Gents, Tuesday (date) I set out on an educational experiment, while it might seem it was out of the blue, or relentless drive for clout, its seed were sowed over a year ago, in these posts, (https://bit.ly/3EWsFyM) and (https://bit.ly/3id01j1).

The facts and timeline of the tree I chose to shake is bare open here, 120hrs of invite and 168hrs of continuous firecrackers.

Freud asserts that our personalities are made of 3 parts, Id, Ego, and Superego. As always, knowing is not enough, I always apply, and I apply Freud’s assertion on Fisayo, in the forms of, ‘I, Me, and Myself.’

Hence, to you, the #Methinks might be from the blues, but it’s a core piece in my internal dialogues and puzzles.

Methinks, chose to pick Gary, to experiment on the above posts, to prove how susceptible most of us are to titles and numbers, or the halo effects of numbers and titles, without pausing to research how these numbers were produced, nor peek behind the veil the character behind these tiles.

While I and Myself, gave MeThinks, 168hrs to do all that’s required to prove his point, ‘I and Myself, decided to study the changes in Methinks at his task, to find out:

1.      How far Methinks will go to prove his hypothesis,

2.      How Methinks will bend facts to support his stance.

3.      How long Methinks will stick to his target before digressing to other topics.

Hence, this closing statement.

This closing statement, won’t be complete if I deprive you of the source of the opening quote, a mentor told me, over 2 yrs. ago, this mentor happens to be busier than Atlas and Poseidon combined, and to date, his response time to my messages is no more than 2hrs.

While chosen tree might exercise his right to plead the 5th, it’s important to note that the 5th Amendment was passed to protect individuals from self-incrimination due to ignorance of the law, and you know this tree with a NY 5time Best Seller in his LinkedIn profile is far from ignorant.

When Methinks first encountered Milgram’s experiment on authority, his first reaction was, “What a twisted mind Milgram has.” Only to find out that in less than a decade he too will prove to have a twisted mind like Milgram.

Because, I believe a chosen experiment not only reveals the ambition of the researcher but the dark side of the researcher’s mind, he/she isn’t aware of.

MeThinks Psychoanalysis

Brief Psychoanalysis of MeThinks

1.      We witnessed how quickly #Methinks, teased Gary, with Toby Keith’s Angry American song, and saw how quickly he became an Angry African in the process.

2.      We witnessed how Methinks used every data he came across to support his point, from America’s Tea Party history to the UK’s rule on entrepreneurs, and Gary’s Belarussian gypsy origin.

3.      We saw, how quickly his crosshairs expanded to all American rappers, to global Ivy Leagues colleges, even to NASA.

4.      We watched in HD how Methinks speedily vacillated between, physics, metaphysics, mysticism, astrology, astronomy, psychology, philosophy, economics, and politics to emphasize his point.

Where the above analysis is terse for the sake of your time, I’m sure you can come up with more psychoanalysis findings.

If ‘I and Myself,, hadn’t stepped in to remind Methinks to honor his 168hrs of free reign; MeThinks was only drawing the circumference around the target.

It will be remiss not to acknowledge what #MeThinks did in 168hrs is no small feat. If you ask where and how he got the motivation to do it? All I can say is that we all have it, in the form of our human will.

It’s the same human will that Napoleon Bonarpte, Howard Hughes, and the 21st Century billionaires activate to reach their set ambitions. This will burns more than the nuclear fusion in our Sun. History continues to teach us that only very few of us can tame this fusion or will once it’s activated.

Mother Teressa, Martin Luther King Jnr, Nelson Mandela, and down to Greta Thunberg, and Vanessa Nakata name the motivations of their will to do what they do, to be Compassion and Love.

I resist the temptation to weigh the outcomes of the two groups in the above paragraphs, who activated their human wills.

Touchpoints Worth Considering

Methinks, also asserts that love and compassion are the reason his will was awake for his public angst display. It’s hard for ‘I and Myself’, to imagine how far Methinks would have gone if he was oblivious to those terms.

Yet, MeThinks touched on several present issues and topics that continue to ripple through humanity’s dance in Space-time: Bullshit Receptivity, the 101 Plumbing jokes – remaking and reselling the same thing for profits, and our perception of time, to do what’s beneficial and needed for our humanity.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has celebrated its 75yrs of application, and the Demin cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act continues to be how most businesses and governments run businesses and affairs. Yet, these approaches simply revolve our human ills, like the hour hand of Big Ben, and keeps us in the same spot, where if we’re to be true to Darwin’s theory of evolution, humanity is not just to evolve in appearance and thinking, but also evolve in our approach to solving our societal issues.

I won’t pretend to have all the answers to solve human affairs, but I will re-echo what renowned scholars, I’ve had the privilege to discuss Maslow’s hierarchy approach with, conclude that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a linear approach, while time continues to prove that human needs are more of a dynamic spiral, like the Spirals of Archimedes.

Henry David Thoreau laid the template for Civil Disobedience, Mahatma Gandhi, walked it to the letter, Nelson Mandela, sacrificed 27yrs of his life, for it, the global civil unrest last year from George Floyd’s posthumous fame, scaled it to a global scale. In January 2021, we witnessed how Capitol Hill was attacked by this template.

Curtain Call

Isn’t it time, we say no enacting our will to Civil Disobedience to address the issues of imbalance in our human sphere?

Must, the need to exercise compassion in our daily lives stem from pain, injustice, or human suffering?

Must the public always think deceit when they hear leaders talk about love and compassion?

Must we experience the pain and suffering of others before we activate our will for love and compassion?

Methinks, also pointed out the fact that the knowledge to hoodwink and outwit each other for the titles and numbers is freely available to everyone who has the motivation to achieve these titles and numbers.

Must we exert our knowledge of NLP, psychology, and human nature against ourselves?

Isn’t it time we uplift our humanity with our knowledge of NLP, psychology, and our human nature, to evolve our human nature and human sphere?

I had the privilege to be a recent alumnus of the Compassion institute, and share the same space with Jinpa, and my key takeaway is that compassion is more relational, how we treat our individuality and how we treat a neighbor or a stranger, and the burden to express and preach compassion is not to the few of us with the titles or the numbers.

I hope with these 1200 words, you activate your will to chose compassion regardless of the number or title that comes with your identity or social security number.

To the Americans or anyone whose sensibilities must have been hurt with Methinks public angst display, it was a personal experiment, and no harm nor insult intended; they were words of Love and Compassion from the tail side of Love and Compassion.

Posterity, don’t forget to, “Hold the door, say please, say thank you. I know you’ve got mountains to climb, but always stay humble and kind.” I learned that from Tim McGraw, an American.

#MeThinks rests this case.

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