Some murals beautify the space, and some beautify and make you pause, and wonder ”what mind conceived and painted this?”

Picasso’s Guernica and this masterpiece of @claudioethos falls in the latter.



Yesterday, returning from my bike ride, I paused to take pic 2. I thought to myself I’d trade a week to spend an hour in the mind of the artist who birthed this; a glimpse into his mind will be a thrill.

And as fate will have it, for the first time I decided to go play Bball before noon, because from 11:00, I’ve back-to-back meetings.

Usually, from the court back home, I never take the route with the above mural, but for some reason, I decided to have a glimpse of the masterpiece under the morning sun ☀️.

And guess what?!

God or the universe heard the wish I made yesterday. Because, @claudioethos was taking pictures from one of the windows. I couldn’t help but, approach the photographer @naara_bahler to ask, ”who painted this?” Super nice her, she said he’s coming shortly.

And voila! I was asking @claudioethos, his inspiration behind his masterpiece, he said a lot, but most importantly he said ”he’s yet to make meaning from it.”

He shared with me that the inspiration was from an #African mask, which ties into @prospect_eleven’s mission in the Bijlmer (Bims).

But, with chagrin I abruptly ended our chat, to arrive early to my meeting.

Couldn’t have wished for a better way to start my #wednesday. Thanks @naara_bahler & @claudioethos for your openness and kindness 🙌🏽🤟🏽🙌🏽


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