the opposite of poverty is not wealth; the opposite of poverty is justice.
– Bryan Stevenson

Though the script of Just Mercy was well written and Directed, by Destin Daniel Cretton, an Asian American, every word and every line in the movie gave me an intellectual tickle, which my company — the only person I know that makes being African enviable — confirmed by asking me why I laughed all through?

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Well, I could blame it on the La Chouffe, I sipped during the thrilling 2hrs 27mins. But, that won’t be the whole truth. For me, being at the movies stimulates my analytical side: analyzing the choices of the directors, and judging the wittiness of the scriptwriters. These are the ones I give my kudos to. I do appreciate the actors, but to me, they are like crayons, and it takes exceptional skill on the part of the director, to ensure that the required stroke or curve is made in a scene….

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Okay! my, the preamble should have been my epilogue. So, here’s the preamble:

Just Mercy, the first movie for me at cinemas, in this decade, and obviously the year. You wouldn’t believe that I forgot Michael B Jordan’s name, my company, Nala — the name I’ll use to protect her privacy and be GDPR compliant — Nala reminded me, with the are you serious look, how can you forget his name?

The director started with Jamie fox, McMillian’ taking in the beauty and enchantment of being a lumberjack. the felling of a tree and the aftermath of the fell tree. Jamie Foxx driving home, and stopped by a cop blockade, and arrested solely out of prejudice. I think that scene made me feel Geoffrey Canada’s anger.

The rest of the movie showed how B Jordan, who played Bryan Stevenson, who fought the racial prejudice and broad day-light injustice in the American judicial system and ended the movie, with the triumph of the American legislative system.

But before the end, the scriptwriter and director, Cretton loaded the movie with the dark and cherry realities in human nature. From the pleasure, humans get in oppressing other humans: the prison warden extreme requests that a B. Jordan strips before seeing his client. Yep! you’re right because he was African American.

The triumph of human conscience, when Tim Blake Nelson, who played Ralph Myers, whose human flaw, to contribute to intense injustice, when threatened, and falsely testified against McMillan: the reason why McMillan was in wrongfully jailed.

From the surface, and with a pop-lens view, it can be concluded that the movie is just another movie to narrate the racial prejudice endured by African Americans. Well, from my own lens, I like to think I understood and saw the purpose of the African race to humanity.

What do I mean?

Just like every part of your body, has a purpose in your body, I believe every race has a purpose in human advancement.

C’mon, think about it. From ships to plantations, to my bondage and freedom, to surviving the horrors of Emmet Till, then the bus boycotts, to the dream speech, to Yes We Can, to the withe house, I could go on, but why? When Google drives home my point better.

To Be Continued…

So, dear reader, this is part 1 of this post, before Pt. 2, I will like to hear your thoughts. As always I’m ever open to your suggestions and comments.

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