During the weekend, I experienced two hurricanes of inspiration.

First, for the first time, the youths of the republic founded around the Niger area – known as #Nigeria, exercised their #freedom of #peaceful assembly, and freedom of expression, to safeguard their freedom from torture, and freedom of #life, #liberty, and security.

And, in less than 48 hrs of their exercise, the Inspector General of The Nigerian Police Force dissolved the division that perpetuated the injustice, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad – SARS.

Second, I was present at TED’s #JointheCountdown #Climate #Justice online event, which brilliantly highlights the interdependence of Global Social #Justice with Climate Action.

I learned and basked in the genius of several speakers’ minds and ideas, like Carlos Moreno, and Varun Sivaram, and others from across the globe, even from Nigeria and Liberia.

Christiana Figueres’s opening speech struck a chord with me when she shared a key lesson she learned from her father, which is #StubbornOptimism that is the mindset required to strive for the reality we want rather than settle for the reality we are given.

This #MondayMotivation, from me to you, is her definition of optimism: “Optimism means envisioning our desired future, and then actively pulling it closer…”

I screen recorded the below video, for you and posterity. Enjoy and have a great week. 🙂

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