Guys! Indeed 2020 is extra. And I am not talking about world events, I am talking numbers. Numbers of weeks. Did you know 2020 has 53 weeks? #FunFact 😊

Since 2017, I have chosen a Latin phrase to live by yearly.

2017 – Carpe Diem | Cease The Moment

2018 – Semper Admeliora | Always On to Better Things

2019 – Deus Omnia Superare | With God, I Conquer All

2020 – Benedictus Esse Sit Benedictio | Blessed To Be A Blessing

If you ask why Latin? Some big-brained guy said everything sounds better in Latin.

If you ask for the results or effects? I encourage you to make your judgment on my about page..

With that said. I’ll also be extra like 2020. Since 2015, I have been on, as the ‘ON’ in ‘ONLINE.’ So, I will be ‘OFF’ like the ‘OFF’ in ‘OFFLINE.’ From December 24th, 2020 till January 11th, 2021.


Believe me, it’ll be hard to do, in a time like this. But, wisdom says

“the best views come after the hardest Climb.”

My team, the team, have tried to dissuade me otherwise, but necessity demands it. Oh! Yes, I’ve got a team, do you think I can do anything alone?

Even after an MBA, I still find it hard to write a piece without typos. Ohleo does a beautiful work to cross my Ts and dot my Is. Anadi meticulously reviews the tone to ensure it meets the set tone defined for fisayoolajide. eu and Atra adds stardust to measuring and reporting the analytics of each piece. FYI or TMI, all names are anagrams, because my team prefers anonymity.

And, Atra like always said Fisayo

Don’t leave while you’re hot that’s how Mase screwed up.”

I told her I’m not leaving, I’ll simply be watching from the bleachers. 😊

Finally, team wish you a most joyous Christmas and a 2021 with 50+ shades of Joy.

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