Nigerians in the diaspora became refugees on 20/10/2020.

@cnn distorts the truth and calls it a clash between protesters and law enforcement officers.

No @cnn it was a massacre of innocent protesters; get and report the right facts. We saw it live on @djswitch_ live stream.

Okonjo Iweala, was violence the ’all we can do’ the promise Buhari made to you on your bid, to ensure you emerge as head of the director general of the @worldtradeorganization?

Okonjo Iweala, you say the youths should approach the #endsars with a one Nigeria approach. One Nigeria only benefits 1% of Nigerians at the expense of the 99%. No ma! play your role at home then your endorsement will be true for your DG bid; your nation is on fire 🔥!

To my fellow protesters, a lesson we’ve learned is that those we call hoodlums, that the government used to disrupt our protest, for the 2nd wave of our protest, we’ll need to educate them that our protest is for their good and benefit that anyone who pays them to kill innocent people, insults their humanity and dignity.

The Nigerian 1%ers have the ammunition, but we have hunger and pain, there’s no amount of bullets that can kill our present hunger for #freedom or heal our pain of oppression.
If global powers will sit idle to the ongoing injustice in the Niger area, let us remain firm in our belief and actions for a better future for us and our children 👶🏾.

The past two weeks was the trailer for this revolution, the movie now begins, let’s play our roles to the best of our abilities because our future depends on it!

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