As they repeatedly shot the videos, with so much focus and keenness for perfection, I couldn’t help but ask: “What benefit do you derive from this?”

They: Fisayo, why are you so old? Didn’t you have fun in your twenties?

Me (I smiled): hmmm, so this is what you call fun? Interesting.

Thus Far One - Preamble

I smiled and said nothing more because to answer ‘Yes!’ will not be the whole truth, and to answer ‘No’ will also not be 100% true likewise. And the image of this post is a testament to my conflict in giving a direct answer.

The picture of this post was taken circa 2013, in the prime of my early twenties. And my colleagues then can testify that the building where I took the picture was not only my workspace, but also was my living room, bedroom,kitchen, dining room, and later my retail store/kiosk for my confectionery business.

/* Firms Kanayo, Owa’zi Imumoren, or Durotimi Daniel, feel free to leave a comment below if there is any exaggeration or tall-tale in the above paragraph. */

And, if you ask why the workspace was all that to me, my answer ‘adventure.’ An adventure, I will say, is the greatest gift, gifted to me by myself. And you will have to subscribe to my upcoming newsletter to understand why I call it an ‘adventure.’ You can subscribe here:

But here is a reward for reading until this point. In that period, I recently learned how to edit videos with Premiere Pro, and the output of my edits was always due for international broadcast in less than 36 hours, in most cases. And meeting this deadline was for five days a week. So my working desk, chair, screen, and mouse, were as close to me as the oxygen I breathed.

An unhealthy working habit, you will say. But blessed me, it took my friend, Edward Enejoh, #TheNobleHerald – I can never thank you enough, to jolt me out of that trance. When he stopped by to pay me a brief visit, and he said to me paraphrasing: “Mike – the name some of my friends know me by, this is unhealthy, I get that you’re driven to deliver on your deadlines, but dude, you need to find a balance.” See! again, my blessing, in making friends of awesome people.

And, in less than a month, I implemented his advice and got out of the vicious cycle, where the ‘how I got off the vicious cycle’ is a story, that when written, could be three volumes, where each will be a tome.

If you’re wondering the reason for the menacing grin in the picture, it’s because I am yet to believe that cameras capture my good-sides. And, in retrospect, a great thank you to the one who insisted that I take a pose – sorry memory fails me to give you, your due #photocredit.

Moral of this #MondayFlashback / #MondayMotivation post:
Always choose adventure! So you will always have stories and lessons to share, and when life throws you lemons or limes, these stories and learnings become your salt and tequila. And oh! If you’re lucky, you will find treasures disguised as friends too.

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