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Wholesome Programs for Wholistic Living


To succeed in the media industry requires media houses to focus on being as entertaining as possible to their target audience. Wellsradio chose to walk an uncharted path as a media house, by focusing on creating content that transcends entertaining its audience to content that edifies and enlightens its audience. It remains an out-of-body experience to co-birth this vision.

Cheer Leaders for Climate Action


DAYAD’s fun activities, Dialogue Day and Game Day empower individuals and organizations by providing priority, balance, clarity, and neutrality. So, to volunteer as a marketing consultant continues to be an enjoyable and enlightening ride.

Empowering Them Young


When a friend requests your services to turn his idea into a profitable business in less than three months, you know you are walking on the tight-rope of trust. But, when the idea has two elements that are close to your heart – film, and kids, achieving FTAA’s business objectives was equally fulfilling as it was challenging.

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